The spine plays a central role in how you feel both physically and mentally. Our team of chiropractors work methodically with adjustments and corrective exercise to restore natural alignment, helping to reduce spine, nerve, muscle and joint pain.


For generations, cultures around the world have embraced deep and soft tissue massage as an essential form of pain management and stress relief. Our massage therapists have mastered a diverse array of techniques and approaches, so they can work with your body’s specific needs.


Developed in ancient China, acupuncture pinpoints the body’s meridians, balancing the flow of qi energy. Our acupuncturists are well versed in both history and technique, with a keen understanding of how it can complement contemporary wellness treatments.


Physical activity and/or inactivity affect the body’s joints, muscles and bones, which can cause chronic pain. Whether kinesiology, exercise planning, or anatomic education, our physical therapists will develop a plan that manages your specific condition, so you can get your body back in motion.


Pain comes in many forms, and can feel overwhelming, particularly when we don’t know its origin. Our team of experts have a thorough knowledge of the multifaceted factors that cause pain, so they can formulate a plan to reduce, manage and often eliminate your pain and bodily discomfort.



Dr. Dan was amazing at his job. He’s also really friendly and gave me lots of advice on how to improve my condition.

Matt Ferrara

Liberty Wellness and Chiropractic is perhaps the best experience I've had in the NYC with a medical practice. Dr. Cotter is warm and very focused on a tailored treatment plan for my particular needs and there are multiple services available through the office including massage and PT to really help me feel better fast. The administrative staff is also wonderfully approachable and kind. I couldn't be happier with my experience so far.

Molly Dee

Great care....Dr. Cotter and his team truly care and are very helpful the minute you call for an appointment. Friendly , caring staff . His offices offer whatever you need when it comes to chiropractic needs. Excellent chiropractors; physical therapist; massage therapist and acupuncture all under one roof...thank you!

Lisa Simkin

Always on time. All requests are honored. Professional doctors and massage therapists. Just A+ service overall. You feel pampered. Always recommend this place to anyone who needs their services????????

Andrei Karneyeu

Liberty Wellness exhibits what every place should when it comes to customer service. Everyone I have encountered here has been amazing! I highly recommend them!

Tammie Davis

Always a wonderful experience from front door to whatever services you are having done. I feel like a new man by the time I walk out the door!

Jonathan Herzog

Excellent doctors and therapists. My neck and back have never felt so good, and my migraines have been reduced. If I have a flare up they always fit me in ASAP and do everything they can to get me back to feeling my best!

Erin Murphy

Thanks to Dr. Cotter and the entire team for all their treatment over the years! Getting an adjustment and massage was great preparation and recovery for finishing marathons on all 7 Continents and the North Pole.

Tom Djurdjevich

The team is the best! Very professional , caring and effective!

Keith Di Fiore

The best chiro in town! The only one who could help me with the pain in my neck and shoulder.

Fernanda Christovão

Excellent service, I am a reporter and have been going to Liberty for many years. They are always helpful in booking last minute appointments and friendly staff. Great doctors overall and never long waits.

Nayeli Chavez-Geller

They’re the best! Been going for years now and always greeted with a smile and the most professional and friendly people..nothing like a great massage and adjustment after a long week...Thank you guys!

Felix Cordero


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