Wellness Services


Our team of chiropractors take a methodical approach with adjustments and corrective exercise to help restore natural alignment, helping reduce spine, nerve, muscle and joint pain.


Our massage therapists have mastered a diverse array of techniques and approaches, so they can work with your body’s specific needs.


Whether kinesiology, exercise planning, or anatomic education, our physical therapists will develop a plan that manages your specific condition, so you can get your body back in motion. Liberty Wellness is proud to offer physical therapy rehab and training with the AlterG® anti-gravity treadmill. This leading-edge piece of equipment empowers patients to confidently and quickly recover and train for specific ranges of motion without pain or resistance.


Our expert acupuncturists are well versed in both history and technique, with a keen understanding of how acupuncture can be applied in the context of modern holistic wellness treatment.


Our team of experts have a thorough knowledge of the multifaceted factors that cause pain, so they can formulate a plan to reduce, manage and often eliminate your pain and bodily discomfort.