What We Believe

How We Help Our Patients

Our Guiding Values

Liberty Wellness is founded on three values we consider universal to all of our treatment services. Every practitioner in our collective believes these three values are foundational to every journey to optimal health and wellness.



The body and the mind are intimately connected. Consequently, we believe all wellness treatment must address the body and mind as a whole, rather than isolating individual parts. We believe any treatment plan must consider how other facets of your overall wellness may be affected.



Every body and mind is unique, so we believe every wellness treatment must be personalized to the individual. That’s why we ensure that all staff members possess a broad depth of knowledge across an array of techniques, offering a truly unique wellness experience for each patient.



Our bodies are intricately in touch with their own needs. As such, we believe every wellness treatment should take a conservative approach that gradually inspires confidence in each of our patients on their own terms. This has proven to be the safest, most effective path to healing.